Consorzio Social Lab Società Cooperativa Sociale 

Consorzio Social Lab is a consortium of social cooperatives (Ngos), active in Apulia region from 2013. The social entrepreneurship initiative was aimed to organize in a collaborative way the work that the third sector organizations already had implemented in the local area, to provide opportunities for social inclusion, social innovation, employability and local development, focusing on inclusion of vulnerable beneficiaries or people "at risk". Social Lab was founded with the aim to give the chance to our problematic area to emerge, through the valorization of the local community. For this reason, we are involved in several initiatives that promote active inclusion of all the target groups that live a vulnerable condition in our area., namely: disabled people, refugees, long terms unemployed persons, youth at risk of deviance, women with personal/social/economical/cultural diseases. The first operative step was the launch of a project of social entrepreneurship, "Borgobontà", in the city of Bitonto, to create employability opportunities in the food sector (social restaurant and pizzeria) connected to educational activities (recreative space for children) and social inclusion. Starting from this initiative were implemented in the local area several entrepreneurship activities aimed to promote employability of vulnerable beneficiaries, through public-private partnerships: actually we are managing organization of the "Rigenera 167" as initiative of urban regeneration in the peripheral area through the implementation of cultural activities in sites as Casa della musica, Villa Sylos, Orto urbano and other public sites that need to be re-valorizated. As member Consorzio Social Lab actually has 3 cooperatives type A which manage educational and inclusion services (Sinergia, OPS, Ulixes) 5 cooperatives type B which manage services for employability of vulnerable target groups (Tasha, Oltre il muro, Polimnia, La rosa blu, Luxes) and 2 associations (Banco delle opere di carità, Associazione Sinergia). A board of 7 professionals and 2 permanent staff coordinate the activities of the organization, with the contribution of the member staff; beneficiaries are users of our members, plus other participants directly involved in our projects (+100 learners). Focusing to strengthening the social enterprise and the managerial skills of the members, the Consortium also acts as provider for training opportunities of educators, social workers and professionals, in order to bring innovation in the local social system.