Rural ecosystem mapping: Reports on territorial/sectorial analyses to foster business incubation for persons at risk of exclusion  

The Green Future Rural Ecosystem Mapping reports will foster business incubation for people who are at risk of exclusion. It will define a methodology for ex-ante territorial or sectoral analysis regarding the entrepreneurship of people at risk of exclusion. It will serve to map the different existing stakeholders and mechanisms that might be used to implement supporting programmes, but also to identify potential business niches. Finally, this information will be used to define entrepreneurship training/incubation strategy for people at risk of exclusion that could be developed in those territories and/or identified sectors.  

Bank of Ideas: Online tool to collect and disseminate business ideas for persons at risk of exclusion

The Green Future Bank of Ideas will be used to collect and share business ideas for persons at risk of exclusion. This online tool will identify and publicly share a range of sustainable business niches and models that could be undertaken with minimal investment and resources.   These business models will be sustainable, quickly profitable, and with a high replicability potential. Finally, the new entrepreneurs will use this online tool to share their experiences within a European community of people working on the same business ideas  

Financial and Legal Assessment Tool: Digital platform for financial and legal assessment  

This tool will consist of a digital tool that will allow people at risk of exclusion, who want to start an economic activity, to find information about the economic possibilities and current legal provisions in France, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain. It will be complementary to training and/or incubation processes focused on the development of entrepreneurial and soft skills. It will also offer space and methods for the exchange of experiences and users’ good practices. on. It will also enable users to be able to evaluate the different financial and legal measures they need to carry out.  

Digital environment for business incubation: Online platform to implement incubation programmes for persons at risk of exclusion

It is a digital environment which will support the sustainable incubation processes. It will be closely linked to the Bank of Ideas and will support stakeholders to make contacts and network with one another through dedicated users community, mentors community, and training rooms.