Empresas Con Valores

“Con Valores” association (ACV) is a non-profit organization working for work reintegration & social[DB1]  economy. The association was born out of the experience of one of its founders, Melquiades Lozano, who worked for 20 years as a highlevel business man in Spanish companies. At some point in his life, he realized that he wanted to help people at a disadvantage and he started volunteering, accompanying homeless people in the streets. During a decade of volunteering, he observed that the world of business was completely disconnected from societal issues. He then decided to take the matter into his own hands: he transformed his professional career as a business developer to become the manager of a professionalized and business-oriented organization: Asociación Con Valores. We are creating bridges between the business & social spheres in order to implement an inclusive approach that supports entrepreneurship for people at risk of exclusion. ACV is formed by business professionals who share their know-how in order to create a fairer society. Our mission is to use our business experiences and contacts to support new companies developed by socially excluded groups. Our business vision is crucial and fundamental to match with social organizations needs. It allows us to identify, to generate and to boost work opportunities. We develop tools and methodologies that support entrepreneurship among people at risk of exclusion in different contexts. In that sense, we created in 2019 an inclusive incubation model involving different business profiles: entrepreneurs, business associations, universities, technology centres, public institutions, etc. All these professionals are volunteering and bringing professional and specialized support in small businesses creation. The enterprises will then be managed by excluded people with the support of a network of high level professionals from the business sector. Since October 2019 we have supported 70 new entrepreneurs with fewer opportunities and 34 new business models have been designed with the support of a community of 120 professionals. Our supportive approach is mainly based on agile and practical methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Canvas 15 / 103 Call 2021 Round 1 KA2 KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education Form ID KA220-ADU-A9D373BB Deadline (Brussels Time) 21 May 2021 12:00:00 EN Business model...). Our volunteers' intervention is organized between training courses, mentoring, coaching, evaluation and feedback committees... From 2020 we are upgrading our incubation model according COVID19 conditions and restrictions. We believe that those adaptations will allow us to define a resilient model for small businesses incubation supported by new technologies.