Les 7 Vents

Les 7 Vents is a cooperative  society of collective interest, which accompany territories and citizens in the energy transition and sustainable lifestyles. Its aim is to stimulate territorial dialogue on energy transition The organisation was created in 1998 and was originally an association, but its activity has grown in 2002 when it was approved as an Energy Information Centre. The association was transformed into a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC) in 2005, because the team believes in the virtues of a diversified and involved membership in order to bring its advisory and consultation approach to life. Since then, it has brought together 70 natural and legal persons around a social and solidarity-based objective. Citizens, public contractors and the commercial sphere are involved in the decisions, implemented by the team of about twenty employees. This new status has enabled the 7 Vents to gradually evolve into a consultancy business through a building and renewable energy consultancy and an "Innovation and European projects" department, mainly designed to meet the needs of local authorities and companies. "Our ultimate goal is to be seen as a collaborative space open to all the players involved in the dialogue: companies, craftsmen, citizens, local authorities, with all their differences" Thomas Paysant-Le Roux, project manager at Les 7 Vents. On a daily basis, the team members apply their know-how: engineering, field expertise, prospective analysis, to provide concrete answers to the challenges of climate, energy and, more generally, sustainable development. The objective is to implement relevant solutions adapted to the territories and the actors that make them up.