Rural Ecosystem Mapping

Project Result 1: Rural Ecosystem mapping

The objective of this Project Result is to define a methodology for ex-ante territorial or sectoral analysis regarding the entrepreneurship of people at risk of exclusion. It will serve to map the different existing stakeholders and mechanisms that might be used to implement supporting programmes, but also to identify potential business niches. Finally, this information will be used to define entrepreneurship training/incubation strategy for people at risk of exclusion that could be developed in those territories and/or identified sectors.

Creation of the digital stakeholder map

All participating partners of the project aimed to identify public and private actors in their country, so they can actively participate in the definition of the supporting territorial or sectoral strategies for entrepreneurship for people at risk of social exclusion. The identification of this group of actors is fundamental to develop any supporting programme for entrepreneurship (training, innovation, mentoring, follow-up…) . Through this intellectual output, project partners completed a research, identified, and standardised the different patterns of a participatory analysis, focused on creating promising environments for the creation of new businesses by people in vulnerable situations.

Who are those stakeholders?