The Green Future project will develop 4 main project results which, as a holistic set of resources, will aim to understand the challenges that are faced by people in rural communities through sectorial analysis and reports, an online bank of ideas, a digital platform for financial and legal assessment, and, a digital environment to implement incubation programmes for persons at risk of exclusion.   

How will we achieve this?

To address the aims, the Green Future project has the following specific objectives:   
To foster entrepreneurship for persons at risk of exclusion in rural areas
To map the relevant stakeholders and to foster local ecosystems to support entrepreneurship education 
To identify business opportunities and to set up a bank of entrepreneurship ideas for local groups at risk of exclusion
To develop digital methodologies and tools that foster business incubation and start up in rural areas.   
To develop a digital assessment system for legal and financial matters in entrepreneurship
To spread and disseminate our project results EU wide